I WAS very shocked to read the letter from Jason Baxter suggesting that no-one from Torfaen Council was at the closure assembly of Pontymoile Primary school that he attended. This was only one of three concerts and assemblies that took place. Both of the other two were attended by Cllr Neil Waite (Lab Cwmynyscoy) and he gave an impromptu speech at each.

Neil also attended the fete, with his wife Denise, on the Saturday before the school closed which also celebrated the many years that the school has served the community. Neil was a governor for 18 years and was very much a ‘working governor’ as he shared his expertise and knowledge by regularly going out with staff and children to help them learn about local history and industry and how to enjoy their countryside.

Many of us, my family included who taught there and were pupils at the school, are very disappointed to see the school close. A person does not help the cause when stating that no-one from the council was interested. In council, Cllr Waite spoke and voted against the closure. Many will be annoyed that he has been so insulted.

John Killick Park View Pontymoel