THOSE of us involved in defending the culture of life, not death, are familiar with terms that tend to hide the real fact of the matter. Before the Abortion Act became law on October 27 1967 and before its implementation on April 271968, it was described as the “Medical Termination of Pregnancy Bill”. This description hides the reality of what was in fact being debated (the legalisation of abortion) because when a woman gives birth to her child her pregnancy is terminated.

We now have the same thing happening with Lord Falconer’s “Assisted Dying Bill”. We are all assisted to die when our time comes, most readers will recognise that they assisted someone to die; this is when you are there for your loved one, as they approach death, the doctors and nurses are there to assist them through any pain or discomfort. People even non-family members are there at times in hospital to assist a person with their food. I know many people have done this for strangers in hospital beds while visiting their own relatives and friends who were sick and/or dying. Let’s stop conning the general public and tell it as it is – its “assisted suicide”, and its killing.

Paul Botto SPUC Information Officer Wales