AS YOUR readers are probably aware I have been campaigning against dog fouling and illegal parking in my home town of Usk for the last four years, and have also read letters from other readers about various other districts such as the lady in Blaenavon who got a ticket for feeding the birds in a public car park. , and the warden in Blackwood who stuck a ticket on a car with its windows and a door open, and more recently the five motorists who were fined in Newport after being reported by members of the public.

How about this? One evening when my partner and I were taking a stroll through the Twyn Square in Usk, the local community officer was sat chatting to a local man on the bench under a tree immediately opposite the HSBC bank, when a large grey “Chelsea Tractor” 4x4 pulled up and parked with two wheels on the pavement, straddling the double yellow lines. The driver calmly disembarked and proceeded to the “hole in the wall” to draw out some cash. All this in full view of our intrepid friendly community officer who was seated in full view not more than 30 feet away from the offender.

We stood and watched the whole scenario for 5 minutes, with no reaction at all from the friendly neighbourly officer. On top of that on walking around the corner (a further 50 feet) there was a Jaguar car double parked outside the Nags Head pub. There is no way that this officer could not have seen the offence.

I felt it was not worth my tackling the officer on the matter because I had on a previous occasion personally reported to the same officer the parking and dog fouling “black spots” of our town but obviously to no avail. It is little wonder that despite all the efforts of myself and others there has not yet been one prosecution in the last four years in Usk for parking or dog fouling offences. C Pearce, Old Market St, Usk