RECENTLY, several right-wing letter writers (pretend anarchists) have criticised Israel’s (Jews) bombardment of the Gaza strip in Palestine, but curiously no mention of Hamas (Moslem) firing rockets into building tunnels to aid an invasion of that country.

The horrific nature of the conflict notwithstanding, I don’t think for one minute that these one-sided critics are closet members of the BNP. History has shown that the very extreme right are quite happy to stand by while both Moslems and Jews wipe each other off the face of the earth.

So, are they playing a double bluff? After all politics and poker have their similarities. No! I don’t think so; reading their mixed-up views M16 won’t be recruiting them anytime soon. They appear to be a sideline of the usual deluded rantings of the so-called socialists who are keen to use everybody else’s money except their own to solve the world’s problems.

A Greenhalgh, Ross Street, Newport