ONCE again we have the issue of the M4 relief road route being in dispute.

Probably the opponents of the proposed route do not live along the SDR otherwise they would see how the lives of the residents, businesses, schools, leisure facilities and retail units are disrupted on a regular basis.

It seems that a small amount of people (with loud voices) think the SDR is a cure all for problems concerning the town. The Gypsy problem, stick them along the SDR. The M4 problem, re-route along the SDR. etc.

What must be realised is all the extra traffic generated passes, in most cases, within a few metres of homes of Ringland, Alway, Lliswerry, Pill and Maesglas. and With the prevailing winds mainly from a southerly direction, all traffic fumes (which we are told by government, with the vehicle taxing system) containing harmful toxins are directed onto these estates. This will further reduce the quality of life of the residents all along the route.

Maybe a survey of health issues, mainly cancers and respiratory illnesses needs to be carried out to see if these are above average in the area and a prognosis of changes if the SDR is upgraded.

With the planned housing developments in the area, the traffic problem will get worse naturally without any major changes to the proposed motorway relief road.

S Bird, Nash Grove, Lliswerry