WHAT bright spark decided to move the main Newport post office from Bridge Street, it’s home for over 30 years, to the beleaguered Kingsway Centre?

Considering the huge amount of money spent on relocating the bus station to reside behind the market, plus the massive overhauling and revamping of the market itself, why on earth move something so pivotal to that area of the town.

The post office was perfectly placed for the elderly to catch the bus into town and walk the short distance to collect their pensions, often shopping at the market afterwards. Are our old folk now supposed to make the marathon walk from the new bus station all the way to the other end of town? The wrong part of town may I add!

I dread to think of vulnerable pensioners wandering around at the bottom end of Commercial Street with newly collected pensions on them. It’s like Dodge City down there. I’d suggest our town planners take a trip to Cwmbran to get some ideas of how to really run a town centre. It’s well laid out and safe. It’s also buoyant with plenty of shops, local traders, and tills happily ringing all day.

S Symonds, Bassaleg