FEWER cars? In response to Clive Shakesheff’s letter of August 5, I fully endorse these comments.

Global warming is just an excuse to make more money out of a gullible public. We are encouraged to buy electric cars to go green.

I am waiting for the first big crash involving these. There will indeed be a very big explosion that will make petrol fuel seem harmless.

We live in a more dirty, dangerous and complicated society where few people understand how many things work, can’t repair and, in many cases, don’t understand how to use their toys.

We use more and more energy making new products that the consumer is told will use less energy and save the planet.

All that’s happening is that we are adding to the problem.

Machines and cars do not use less energy than 60 years ago. Although they may be a little more efficient, most appliances and tools are overpowered. A typical electric drill 60 years ago was 250-350W now it has to be 500W upwards, so it uses twice as much to do the same job, and vacuum cleaners use three times more.

We waste energy on inefficient lighting, we are told, when the waste is not to do with the efficiency, but how the light is used. Again, 60 years ago, you did not leave lights on unnecessarily. Now, people can’t be bothered to switch them off.

We need a government that will govern and control without ripping off the public.

G Davies, Cardiff Road, Newport