EXACTLY who will be receiving the newly-minted Nato medals? Councillor Bob Bright and co? Paul Flynn? Or maybe the workers at Celtic manor who are being paid the minimum wage by billionaire owner Sir Terry Matthews?

Give the nefarious warmongering of Nato in spreading death and destruction across the globe to countries whose independent nationalism threatened Western economic interests (neo-liberalism), will the wearing of the medal indicate a person’s support for Nato’s antics and its total disregard for international law or maybe just the person’s ignorance of the facts?

The latter can be corrected by reading Mark Curtis’ Web of Deceit, Noam Chomsky’s The New Military Humanism or William Blum’s Killing Hope.

When an ex-prisoner (labelled a gangster) came to Newport, there was outrage.

When Nato comes the red carpet (symbolising blood?) is rolled out for a organisation that makes Mafia dons look like a plate of cupcakes!

I can assure Paul Flynn MP that having an anti-Nato stance doesn’t mean people are pro-Putin!

Wasn’t he in the Labour party, which supported Putin’s mass slaughet in Chechyna? Has he heard of Pussy Riot?

Obviously the only war worth fighting is the class war, which we did not start.

Terry Banfield, Croesyceiliog