FURTHER to the letter from C. Pearce (August 7) I will add that the local community officers in Newport are just as ‘friendly’ and useless!

Two instances: I am a regular in a certain Italian coffee shop at the top of Bridge Street.

Two community officers are in there almost every day enjoying a lengthy, chatty coffee break.

By now on nodding terms, I asked if their patch included Brynhyfryd Road, they replied ‘yes’ so I enquired why there was a certain car parked on double yellow lines outside Stow Park Church all day, every day, that never collects a parking ticket.

No response. However from the following day the car has never parked on the double yellow lines again. Strange that!

Last week on a rare and depressing visit to Newport city centre, two female community officers were strolling along and chatting happily together, totally unaware and uninterested in the two cyclists hurtling down Commercial Street just a few feet from them.

So, just what is in their job description?

B Jarvis, Newport