I DO SO agree with Mrs M Stock’s letter on beggars etc. in Newport town centre (SWA Thursday edition).

I regularly drive down Heidenheim Way to get to Newport town centre. Underneath the arches of the slip road are two tents with occupants.

Over the weeks, the amount of rubbish has built up considerably - cans, cartons, wrappers etc. I was amazed a couple of weeks ago to see a council employee, with lorry, gathering up bags full of this rubbish.

It is now accumulating again. I am assuming that the occupants of the tents are not in gainful employment and have plenty of time on their hands.

Surely, they could pick up their own rubbish and take it to a litter bin? I am a council tax payer and would rather my money be spent on more worthwhile things than clearing up their disgusting mess!

Mrs C Jenkins