YOUR newspaper kindly published a letter from me a few days ago, seeking the help of Argus readers in solving a 25-year-old mystery about a missing Tudor parchment, lost somewhere in a small castle in Gwent. At the time I thought the letter was a bit of a long-shot.

But to my delight, Argus readers have come up trumps! The day that the letter was published my telephone ran red-hot with people giving my wife and I lots of good information, and today the postman has brought me nineteen letters from readers, all helpfully adding their small piece to the puzzle.

Could I please use this opportunity to thank the readers of the South Wales Argus - some of whom provided me with no name or address that would enable me to thank them - for being so very kind in writing and telephoning, allowing me to now solve the puzzle. My grateful thanks to all of them. 
The Earl of Cardigan
Savernake Estate