IN HIS recent letter, Cllr Gez Kirby, states a collapse of the minority Conservative government would leave to a Labour government which would invest in public services. There lies a problem.

How much would a hard left Labour government dominated by militant trade unions spend?

Remember 1979 and the winter of discontent. Also the light touch regulation of the banking sector which contributed to the financial crash 2008/2009.

Alternatively, Cllr Kirby has a point, the Conservative party UK wide in Wales and locally is a shambles. The 2017 election campaign was a shambles. The country has had enough of austerity.

Vital public sector workers e.g. nurses, paramedics and fire fighters must be paid more than the ridiculous 1% pay cap. I do not see any of the political classes or city bankers losing any of their perks.

Perhaps, part of the answer to some of the problems, is the creation of a new political party of the centre ground.

Concerning austerity, often large things are created from small beginnings.

Perhaps the new mayor and mayoress of Newport could travel to some of their functions using public transport and not us the chauffeur driven vehicle. This would help the hard pressed tax payers. Is this a possibility? We shall see. 

Andrew P Cooksey
Great Oaks Park