I READ the readers letter ‘Burning waste’ and I agree with Michael Ryan’s letter on his concern that infant deaths can increase when there is a large waste incinerator nearby.

Incineration can give off dangerous dioxin chemicals, proven to cause cancer and birth defects.

Mr Ryan is a scientist and researcher who studies official figures on the link between baby deaths and incinerators. 

Dr Dick Van Steenis and the US Environmental Protection Agency said that better alternatives exist, such as legal limits on the type of materials which are allowed to be used in packaging, and digestion of organic waste.

Where are government measures to get supermarkets to stop excess plastic packaging and to make all packaging recyclable?

Think of all the plastic waste we get from just one trip to the supermarket!

Plastic gives off toxic chemicals such as cyanide when it’s burnt.  Councils should recycle more types of plastic and end this “bin it and burn it” wastefulness. We need to leave natural resources for future generations! 

A Wills