RECENTLY, whilst browsing in a local store, an announcement - in English - came over the tannoy to advertise the retailer’s offers.

This was immediately followed by the same bulletin, only this time in Welsh. What is the point of that?

The bilingual Welsh-speaking customers would have already understood the English version, so why on earth was the Welsh one needed?

Later, at home, I heard the bin lorry manoeuvring nearby, accompanied by its automated safety alert: “Warning! vehicle reversing! Warning! Vehicle reversing!” Again, this was also followed by exactly the same announcement in Welsh.

Are there, really, bilingual Welsh-speakers out there who prefer to ignore the English alert and stand fast, in the paths of reversing trucks, praying that the same warning will be given in Welsh?

Isn’t it about time to abandon this anachronistic Welsh-language nonsense, which also includes the viewer-less S4C; the cutting down of twice the number of trees to supply bills and documents in both languages; and the absurd refusal of many of Wales’ schools to employ teachers - including even those from Wales - that do not speak Welsh?

It is like something out of the dark ages - but in the 21st century.

Personally, as a Welshman, although I find Wales’ history and culture fascinating, surely this Welsh language crusade is as pointless.

Why can’t we just let the Welsh language slip away peacefully, instead of this futile obsession with its survival?

Peter H Brookside
Pen-y-Lan Road