BRITISH sixth formers achieving some of the best A-level results seen for several years on exam results day was fantastic news, and we should rightly be proud of these young people.

In The Boys’ Brigade, we believe every young person should have the opportunity to reach their full potential – whether this be in the school or another setting.

This year we are delighted that approx. 50 BB young people took part in our flagship King George VI Youth Leadership Training (KGVI) course.

Founded in the 1950s in memory of the monarch, KGVI has provided over many young people throughout England and Wales with leadership skills.

The two-year KGVI course is aimed at installing key skills and developing and providing confidence and empowerment strategies whilst also covering keys aspects of the Boys’ Brigade training to equip young leaders to lead activities in their local BB groups.

The course provides a qualification in First Aid and Holiday Leadership.

The course makes a significant impact, using their time, talent and enthusiasm to make a difference to the next generation of BB members.

Significantly, this learning experience also allows young people to show and develop their skills, regardless of academic ability, which they can transfer into the workplace or further education.

Through our programmes, we are committed to providing more opportunities for children and young people to excel, achieve and have fun.  

Natalie Whipday 
England and Wales 
The Boys’ Brigade 
England and Wales HQ 
Felden Lodge
Hemel Hempstead