POLICE commissioner hopefuls - where is the true choice on this matter and, with two unelected politicians standing, where is the accountability that we are always promised?

There is not a chief constable, chief fire officer or chief ambulance officer that has not spent some time at the front line. Some may say not enough, but they have been there and have more understanding than a charismatic person who appeals to the electorate. To have a trained, qualified professional held accountable to someone who has none of these qualifications is unbelievable.

Understandable is the stance taken by the chief constable of Gloucester for resigning and refusing to serve under this system. Well done sir!

I would request that another box be placed on this ballot form for or against this system. This could and should be an appropriate referendum.

I for one will mark my ballot paper against the process.

Nigel Pearce, Pentland Close, Risca