In reference to Argus letters of May 23.

Tom McCarthy’s denial of evolution and his insistence that creationism is entirely credible makes him a target for atheistic slings and arrows, (yes, Shakespeare).

No one I know claims that Darwin’s Origin of Species is without errors, but please don’t try to convince an old agnostic like me that every word of the Bible is true, Tom.

Sticking your chin out the way you do, no wonder some folks take a swing at you.

Jessie Boyd criticised your blinkered thinking in last Monday’s letters. I must tell you that I have tremendous respect for the Boyds, they’re not often wrong about anything.

What was all this nonsense about the Bard of Avon advocating faithfulness in marriage? It’s well documented in his will that he left his second best bed to his wife and his best one to his mistress, Ann Hathaway. Shakespeare was renowned for his saucy reputation and was believed to be ambidextrous. Males and females!

I have to wonder if Tom McCarthy has read anything other than religious literature? It does tend to get rather tedious.

Walt Jackson,