Get a move on with skatepark

4:04pm Thursday 21st June 2012

ALTHOUGH I have no interest in skateboarding or other such similar sports, I do feel as frustrated as the skateboarding community that the new replacement skatepark at Tredegar Park is weeks away from being completed while the skatepark down Spytty has closed due to the new football development that has started at the site.

Surely it should have been a priority of the council to get the new skatepark built and opened well before the Spytty one had to close? The summer is upon us and although the weather for the past month has been rubbish, I’d imagine it’s the best time of the year to be out skateboarding and socialising.

The school holidays are only weeks away and it’s going to be a real bum deal for those who regularly used the skatepark to have no facility available to them through no fault of their own when the sun does finally decide to shine.

Come on, Newport City Council, crack those whips and get the new skatepark open before what little summer sunshine we’re going to have quickly passes us by.

Matthew Pimm, Milton Road, Newport


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