I have two loved ones buried at Rogerstone and Bassaleg Cemetery, my daughter and my husband. It is the most beautiful, peaceful place, kept immaculate by its groundsmen. I visit twice a week.

Imagine my feelings when a woman pulled up in her car, let off her dog and played chase the ball with him over people’s resting places. On a recent Saturday, a man and a woman did the same, this time with two dogs. Not at any time were the dogs on leads. The first woman wasn’t even attending a grave, while the latter two were actually visiting, not just exercising the dogs who were running all over the place.

I pointed out the notice about dogs being kept on leads and I got a careless shrug. Have people lost all respect for the dignity of the dead or the grief of the bereaved?

My answer is ban all dogs from cemeteries.

A T Lucas, Clearwell Court, Rhiwderin