CONGRATULATIONS Mrs Dancey on your letter regarding the McDonald’s roundabout at Pontypool (published in the Argus’ sister paper, the Free Press, July 4). Your opinion is shared by so many who consider this an absolute nightmare, especially at peak times.

We cannot begin to imagine howmuch the work at the Ashbridge roundabout is costing and to what avail?

We read in the Argus (5/7/12) of the dilemma of the businesspeople at Caerleon whose livelihoods are threatened by the decision to to allowthe conversion of the Angel Hotel into a Sainsbury store.

A multi-million pound regeneration scheme to transform Pontypool is already driving people away by closing Rosemary Lane car park and relaying the pedestrian area as a priority.

Don’t worry about the empty shops looking derelict.

That will followwhen people are not visiting the town.

The decision to site Tesco where it is surely did enough damage, encouraging shoppers to bypass the town.

What frightens me is that it is the people we elect to represent us who support such crazy decisions. Anyone have any idea where we go from here?

John Williams, New Road, Garndiffaith, Pontypool