SOME years ago we had a traditional “neighbourhood bobby”. This man knew everybody in his territory and, more importantly, they knew him. He also policed the area with the consent and approval of the local population, adults AND youths.

He once confided to my son that there were “more thugs in the police than outside the force”.

PC Simon Harwood was cleared of killing Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests. Initially, he denied even striking Mr Tomlinson, until filmed evidence was provided.

He went on to protest the justification of his brutal actions, even listing the options available, such as Taser, pepper spray etc, even down to actually shooting him.

I don’t suppose it occurred to him to simply ask Mr Tomlinson what he was doing there and advising him to move along for his own safety?

He should be dismissed from the force with loss of pension rights.

Meanwhile, a woman motorist exceeded the speed limit by a paltry five mph and was fined £480.

J Symons, Highfield Road, Newport