WELL, it seems that the gauntlet I threw down to the Welsh Assembly’s presiding officer, Rosemary Butler, to publicly debate the proposed forthcoming bill on the presumed consent of organ donation has not been picked up by her.

However, I do have another that I now offer, not only to all the local AMs, but also to William Graham, who emailed me and offered help ten years ago and I am still waiting, Jocelyn Davies, who asked for my help and then proceeded to make political gain out of her predicament and, surprisingly, John Griffiths, but also to the entire Welsh Assembly. The Welsh Assembly held many public consultations about this bill, but would only accept the views of those in favour as stated at the start of the meetings. The Welsh Assembly will not tell the people of Wales exactly what this bill will mean to them and neither will they carry out a referendum on this subject because they know it would be defeated. The Welsh Assembly have conveniently forgotten that the shortage of organ donors is because of the abuse of the medical profession and the NHS Trusts who covered up that abuse for many decades.

Shaun McGuire, Mole Close, Bettws, Newport