Well done, Prime Minister, and his media. Gone, it seems, are the days of world conflict, climatic impact, poverty and economic difficulties.

Perhaps I should follow the pack in eating, drinking and thinking sport, thinking what better heroes to focus on than a group running 100 metres within a second of each other and the magnificence of Beckham lighting a torch – all over before you have time to have a mouthful of one of the Olympic sponsors’ obesity diets. A propaganda effort that Churchill would have been envious of, designed to convince us of the social harmony and sportsmanship of our times.

While David counts the golds, thinking this could be a good time to slip a few controversial pieces of legislation through, many marvel at the splendour of the Olympics and wonder as to the cost and how it was affordable with minimal disruption to our capital.

I used to enjoy the news, but to watch the news now is simply to watch the Olympics. I will not don my tracksuit and trainers tonight to watch the big screen in my local. I will stay in and switch over to Only Fools and Horses.

Kevin Burke, New House, Monmouthshire