I POPPED into my local Asda store the other day and noticed there was something pleasantly different about the place: a strange calmness, soothing to body and soul.

Ah, that’s what it was – no blaring music! I commented that it would be good if the store adopted a ‘no music’ policy on a permanent basis, but was told that the music played was ‘part of the Asda shopping experience’ and as such couldn’t be turned off.

Now I’ve heard it said that shoppers tend to spend more when there’s music playing, (probably because they can’t think straight!) but it would seem that not all the large retailers agree. I’m certainly more likely to linger in a quiet environment.

What do other readers think? Do you need such a ‘musical experience’ to help you shop or do you suffer in silence?

R H Aston, Woodland Place, Pengam.