INTERESTING questions from PC Neilson (Argus, August 29). He/she asks how do abortions affect crime in our society, being the crime of murder in itself.

Violence towards the person (whether born or unborn) begets violence, and history will bear this out. When and where in our history disrespect for human life has arisen, this has permeated like a cancer through societies’ thinking, affecting all our actions. Legalised abortion is a cancer. Before legalised abortion, (1967) abortions were carried out on women to save their lives, through medical procedures, what was called the the principle of double effect, and the baby died, ie, removal of a cancerous womb, or in the case of an ectopic pregnancy. Legalised abortion opened the door for abuse of human life, that we now destroy the unborn as and when it suits our lifestyle. PC Neilson quotes two acts of violence in his/her letter, equating the killing of the unborn as a human right, (sic) and abusive language towards Mother Teresa, this doesn’t help in getting sensible dialogue going on true question asked.

Norman Plaisted, Vivian Road, Newport.