IN response to Norman Plaisted’s letter (September 3) in which he comments on questions that I directed at Philip Paciello, I will ignore the weak attempt at converting my questions into statements that were not made.

Instead I refer him to the original statements made by Philip Paciello. He suggested, with no rational proof, that the world is dark, evil and full of wilful crime as a consequence of legal abortion. Fortunately, the good people who do valuable work and research in our societies do not equate the best possible well-being for humanity on personal opinion or advice from unqualified individuals, present or past. I asked for logical answers to my questions supported by data and research, only to be met with more nonsensical statements. If you don’t study human history with intellectual honesty and value the contemporary minds and findings of our time, then you cannot contribute to a sensible dialogue. Merely submitting your personal feelings as facts deserves no respect among peers if you cannot justify it against what we know to be reality. If you think that my comments on Mother Teresa were harsh, then I suggest you do some unbiased, factual research, like I have.

P C Neilson, Dorset Crescent, Newport