IT would seem that Blackadder’s servant, Baldrick, is alive and devising cunning plans for the government.

Following the smokescreen of euphoria called the Olympics, his latest is millions of pounds to develop sport. This money is to be found by closing Remploy and making the staff redundant. Thus, there will be plenty of time for the ex-employees to practise cycling, running, etc (if they can find the gym fees) to win medals in Brazil to bolster the government’s ego. An added bonus (dirty word these days) is that as they will be spending so much time training, they won’t be eligible for jobseekers’ allowance, an additional saving for the chancellor to waste on other things, like wages for MEPs. As Blackadder might say, “Baldrick, that plan is almost as cunning as the one that took us into the Common Market”.

Derek Everett, Crindau Road, Newport