REGARDING Mr Davies’s letter commending the use of Welsh (2/10). I am afraid I must take Brian Donovan’s viewpoint about the waste of money in using it in bills and official forms.

I am pleased Mr Davies was able to eventually learn Welsh and I am sure it comes in handy in Abersychan. This however is not the case in Newport where the use of Urdu would be more appropriate. I have nothing against the use of Welsh for cultural purposes, but let’s be fair, the majority of people in Wales can speak and read English. This being the case, an extortionate amount of money is being wasted on bills, council forms, TV licences etc which have dual languages included. I am surprised the Green Party have not raised this issue as forests the size of Wentwood must be destroyed to supply the needless extra paper. One good decision recently, however, is only to print ballot papers in English for the November police supremo election. Now that does make sense!

Jim Dyer, Stockton Road, Newport