A SIMPLE issue raised by Brian Donovan and myself concerning the waste of money in producing official communications in both English and Welsh has really stirred up the stalwart Welshies.

As well as various comments on the SWA web, Mr Bond of Cwmbran has now jumped into the attack. I am sure Brian Donovan will agree that there is no intention of attacking the Welsh culture as many of the respondents seem to suggest. I am as Welsh as anyone else in Wales and have a smattering of the language, verbally and literally. However, the majority of replies support the view that the production of these dual communications is a complete waste of money and has no bearing on the Welsh culture. It is a waste which most people throw straight into the bin. So what? There goes another tree! Mr Bond refers to interfering with those wishing to conduct their lives in their preferred language. There again, I don’t see many walking about in Newport or the Valleys insisting that others (and there are very few) must reply in Welsh.

There are many other ways the Welsh language can be promoted like clubs, musical groups and of course schools make an outstanding contribution. The issue of dual official letters and forms makes not one jot of difference.

Jim Dyer, Stockton Road, Newport