THIS year London has quite rightly been the focus of the attention of the UK and the world.

On October 20 it will once again be at the centre of interest, together with Glasgow and Belfast, as hundreds of thousands of trade unionists, supporters and community activists will travel to the city for the TUC’s ‘A Future That Works’ march and rally. Last week saw the Conservative party continue to refuse to change direction from the damaging austerity policies they are pursuing. This despite the International Monetary Fund criticising UK and other European governments for this strategy instead of growth and investment policies. We are seeing the suffering that is happening to the most vulnerable in our communities and are saying enough is enough. If you care about the future of public services, the NHS, the welfare state, education and much more, then join us in London on October 20. For transport details email

Malcolm Degroot, Rowan Way, Malpas, Newport